ARCHIVED: 2020 MARNmember Holiday Virtual Art Sale

Welcome to the END of 2020! 2021 is on its way and we are here to help you celebrate and ring it in. Please enjoy the MARN Artist’s work and all they have to offer. In order to help promote and encourage sales (and the promotion of art in our lives) each artist is selling some of their works for under $250. Please contact the artist directly for purchases, commissions, further information, and inquiries. Thank You!

Adria Willenson

Laura Dawson

The Ox

  • (818) 415 – 7464
  • Gift Cards Available

Beth A Stoddard

Alexa Hollywood

Katheryn Corbin

Miriam Sushman

Beki Borman

Kristine Hinrichs

Katherine A Rosing

Helen Klebesadel

Janet Hubbard

Bonita Bruch

Frank Korb

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